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Trafalgar Square Private Dining

Trafalgar Square, 42 William IV St

Located in the vibrant heart of Central London, Colonel Saab Trafalgar Square is the premier choice for those seeking the ultimate location for private dining. Led by the esteemed restaurateur Roop Partap Choudhary, the venue is a celebration of Indian cuisine and heritage, offering a welcoming environment for guests. The venue is perfect for exclusive private dining parties, corporate dining events, large group birthday bookings, and other celebratory events, with several private and semi-private dining options.

Restaurant & bar
exclusive hire

Colonel Saab Trafalgar Square offers the ultimate exclusivity with whole restaurant and bar hire. This option is perfect for hosting lavish private dining events, grand birthday celebrations, or significant corporate gatherings, providing a bespoke atmosphere tailored to your event's requirements in the heart of Central London.

160 Seated | 180 standing


Mezzanine at Colonel Saab exudes elegance for private dining, ideal for sophisticated corporate events or intimate birthday gatherings. Set above the main restaurant, this space offers a unique vantage point, blending privacy with the vibrant energy of Central London, making it a sought-after venue for memorable occasions.

65 Seated | 80-90 standing


For a more versatile private dining experience, Memsaab 1 and 2 at Colonel Saab can be utilised separately or combined. These spaces are perfect for private meetings, intimate dining, or small corporate events, offering flexibility and privacy in a setting that reflects the rich heritage of Indian cuisine.

Memsaab 1
Memsaab 2


The Jaipur area, with its semi-private setting, is ideal for smaller gatherings, offering a cozy ambiance for private dining, team meetings, or small birthday parties. This space combines the exclusivity of private dining with the lively atmosphere of Colonel Saab, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for any group event.

16 Seated | 20-25 standing

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